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YHC wants to thank all that came out this morning to help remember a good friend and get some exercise in too. The morning went down like this.

Brief introductions, social distancing warnings, and all the obligatory commentary. We started out with a warm-up of three Don Quixotes, and then the PAX was ready. We moseyed on up Grove towards Lexington/Albemarle, went through the neighbhood, came out on the other end, and headed to Hillcrest Ave. to go wake up TYA. Once we arrived at Hillcrest Ave, YHC had conveniently left a chalk starting line drawn on the pavement. For anyone counting it is exactly one mile away.

YHC explained that April 2nd is the birthday of a good old friend of two of the PAX-ers who had passed away in 2012. Today would have been Shawn Hogan’s 36 birthday, and that was the magic number of the day. Shawn was an avid runner and exercise enthusist, and YHC would have liked to think he would have enjoyed a good workout on a hill. So hill we did, the PAX started out running down Hillcrest Ave, until we arrived at an exercise drawn in the pavement with chalk. Memorize that exercise then run back up to the top of the hill and do 36 of said exercise. With each exercise we ran further down the hill and had to run further back up. The exercises went like this:

  1. Merkins
  2. LBCs
  3. Burpees
  4. WW2s
  5. Side Straddle Hops
  6. Burpees
  7. No one will ever know…. We didn’t get past this one.
  8. More mystery

At an appropriate time for all we moseyed on back to the flag, and with time to spare because YHC assumed it was going to be a much slower run back, we finished our 36 Burpees, then stretched it out with Wilson and Fuddskie, Right Knee Right Elbow, Left Knee Left Elbow, and a new one. YHC was introduced to while posting to some Raleigh area F3 locations. It’s called the ‘Have-A-Nice-Day’. Let YHC explain: you lie down on your back, that’s it.

We wrapped up with names, and numbers, and no announcements. YHC took us out.

Thank you again to everyone that joined in to help remember a dear friend to me (and least we forget Handshake’s old college roommate!). I was happy to share some stories about a good dude, who has left an indelible mark on my life. Until next April 2nd!

For those of you that want to learn more about the inspiration for today’s workout:

Army Green Beret Captain Shawn G. Hogan




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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Shawn was one of the best of people. Outside of fitness, he was a very unassuming guy. Needless to say he’s we lost a great leader when he died.

    Thank you Faceplant for designing a epic workout worthy of his namesake.