Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is that a rabbit? No, it’s a newspaper.


Three strong on the First Watch this morning took a little tour to make sure everyone was abiding by the Governor’s rules.

Start a nice crisp run from the parking lot to the Gamble’s Mill Eco Trail gate with a stop at Saab’s house on the way. One Burpee to activate alarm clock to wake Saab up.

While on the trail, perform a Lindsay. Seven stops on the trail for:

35/5 30/10 25/15 20/20 15/25 10/30 5/35: LBC’s/Merkins

Gather at the Spider Run parking area at the big grassy hill.

Triple Check:

Partner 1 – Bernie Sanders up hill, run back down

Partner 2 – Jump Squats

Partner 3 – WWII’s


Run by the lake to the foot bridge and gather at the Gazebo on the island for:

3 sets of the following:

10 Dips on benches/10 Pole Smokers using trees

Mosey across foot bridge to the wooded side of the lake, head up the big wooden steps and make our way to the bottom of the amphitheater for:

2 x Incline Merkins on each step on the way up and out.

Mosey through campus toward College Drive. YHC thought he saw a rabbit in the UR President’s driveway. EF Hutton corrected him to inform him it was the daily newspaper fluttering in the breeze. YHC needs to go to eye doctor(seriously). Do we have an eye doctor in the PAX?

Stop at Saab’s house to see if he was still awake, no he wasn’t. Three Burpees to activate the snooze button.

Back to the VSF. 3.00 miles! 45min 30sec. Mission accomplished!

Numberama, Namearama, Announcements and Wojo took us out.

Well done this early morning, guys! What a way to start April 2020 off. Good riddance, March 2020! You were a Lion the whole month. The Lamb will come, though! Have Faith!



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  1. Great Q Kubota. Enjoyed the tour. In your defense, there are probably more rabbits running around than newspapers being delivered.