Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tour de Batteau (for a new visitor)


Keeping with YHC tradition this post is of course late, and a Swirly never forgets so I had to make sure that this post did not lag into 2021. Monday morning we were well below our government mandated maximum number of people and we all practiced extreme safe social distancing for the grand total of 3.

When a first time Batteau visitor shows up on Monday, we always like to make them feel welcome with a full tour of all that the Richmond City Park System has to offer. Swirly kicked us off with stretches and warm-ups at the tennis courts. YHC noted all the usual Swirly warm-up routine stretches, plus a few new ones added into the rotation like touch your toes, a new favorite of YHC. We rounded out the stretching with a series of exercises in the front lean and rest position and alternated between ‘HOLD IT’ position at 3 inches, and up to the regular merkin position.

After warm-up Swirly mosey-ed us over to our second Batteau stop to pick up some of the Richmond regions finest and heaviest granite boulders. Since all of the weight lifting gyms are closed because someone ate a bat, Swirly led us in a series of boulder lifting exercises. Start out with 20 curls, run down steps with boulder and do 20 dips, run back up, do 20 curls, then add 10 overhead presses… repeat down to the bottom 20 dips. Then we kept going adding to our series of exercises ‘bench press’ with boulder, squats with boulder and I might be missing one.

Swirly handed off the potato to YHC, and we headed down the hill in the dark to continue the Tour de Batteau. We then started one lap around the lake stopping at each light post (lit or un-lit) and did 5 Merkins, and we waited in the front lean and rest until all were done then we all got up and ran to the next light post. Once we got back to the finish we had to make our way out from the bottom.

On up the hill of ill-repute, one person started to lunge up the hill while the remaining two stayed at the bottom. The ‘timer’ did 30 side straddle hops while the other did flutter kicks. Once timer was done, timer sprinted up the hill to swap out with the lung-er. Former lung-er ran back down the hill and started doing flutter kicks, and flutter kick-er became the ‘timer’ and did 30 side straddle hops. Repeat until someone got all the way to the top of the hill.

Once we all got to the top of the hill we still had extra time so 20 OYO WWIIs. Moseyed on up to the start where we did numbers and names and announcements.

Big thank you to Jaque Penné for joining us this Monday morning, Batteau regulars hope to see him back to experience everything else that Batteau has to offer! Jaque Penné took us out with some inspiring words.


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