Tuesday, November 24
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A visit from Hanover’s finest


6 regulars and 1 FNG showed up this morning for a beautiful beatdown.

COP — IJR, Flutterkicks, Arm Circles, merkins, heels to heaven

Line up widthwise across the field. Do 10 bear crawl steps then complete a 4×4. Rinse and repeat all the way across the field. Wait for the 6. Various planks. Do the same thing back across the field.

Longish mosey to the very back of the elementary school — along the way we stopped and did SSH and merkins.

Love Hill — One person runs up the little hill and back. Other one does broad jump burpees. Switch. Then lunges, then bear crawls. Keep going until at the top

Mosey to the track for a quick triple check

Timer is 5 pull ups

Back to the flag. Along the way we did some squats

circle up and do 10 of every exercise called out by a PAX member.
burpees, LBC’s, WW2’s, windshield wipers were a few of the exercises

Numbers Names Announcements

NMS — When YHC arrived this morning, there was a truck I didn’t recognize (ended up being Byproduct) and not one but two sheriff’s deputies asking him what’s going on. After they frisked him and handcuffed him. we began the workout. JK. All was good thankfully no one was arrested and we were able to workout in compliance with the mandate from the governor. Good to have Xabi join us today — he is a young college student who is a fan of Man U. His nickname is a player from Liverpool (rival team). Pronounce shAH-bee.

Announcement — sign up for the run a mile challenge. here is the link.


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