Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Perfect sunny and 70 afternoon for a Monday Punisher workout. We went right to work and here is what went down.


We mosey to the North end of School for warm ups with 20 4ct SSH, 10 DQ, 10 Russian Soldiers, 20 LBC’s, 20 2ct American Hammers, 10 scorpions, 20 Merkins.


We start off with the Red Barchetta Run 100 yards do 100 SSH, return to start and plank for 6 (RSP6), run 75 yards do 75 mountain climbers RSP6, run 50 yards do 50 squats RSP6, run 25 yards 25 merkins RSP6, run 10 yards 10 burpees RSP6.

BLIMPS – We mosey to run a rectangle Start with 5 B-Burpees run to next corner 10 2ct L- Lunges and 15 I- Imperial Walkers, run to next corner 20 M – Merkins, 25 P- Plank Jacks run to last corner and 30 S- Squats.

Run to Front of School and partner up for 2 rounds of Dora. Round 1 50 Merkins 75 LBC’s and 150 flutter kicks (P1 runs lap and P2 perform exercise and switch after lap P2 runs lap and P1 continues exercise, alternate until all reps are complete)

YHC had the group choose the next 3 so 50 dry docks, 75 Monkey Humpers and 150 Rosalitas for the Dora. same routine as above.

Run to Eastern Front of school for 2 triple checks:

TC 1 P1 runs lap, P2 25 Merkins and plank for partner 2 to return. P2 runs lap and P1 25 Merkins. Next P1 runs Lap and P2 50 2 ct Am. Hams. P2 runs lap and P1 50 AH. Then P1 runs lap and P2 75 LBC’s, P2 runs lap and P1 75 LBC’s.

TC2 P1 runs lap P2 25 Donkey Kicks, P2 runs lap P1 Donkey Kicks then P1 Runs lap while P2 does wall seat switch with P1 wall seat while P2 runs lap and finally P1 runs lap while P2 balls to wall and P2 runs lap while P1 balls to wall.


Ring of fire with Merkins, burpees, LBC’s, Reach over Alabama Prom dates, heals to heaven reverse crunches to round out our workout.

Numerama, Namerama YHC took us out.


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  1. Nice Q Corned Beef. Fields of LHES were extra scratchy for some reason. You do need to work on your Dora pacing – having 1 pax run to the Diamond, up the steps, touch the top row then run back in while other partner starts on exercises is a little ambitious…