Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Anything longer than 2 seconds is considered cuddling!


Here is how it went down today. Met at clubhouse 5:30am! Four runners & Annie took off to grab desired mileage. Two took off to complete the Murph. Honeymoon took us out.

New Market has been very diligent in practicing socal distancing during the Corona Virus era. We might even have enough PAX to create a new AO?

YHC has not Q’d in a LONG time and frankly I do miss it, but what I miss even more is the large groups of exceptional men I get to interact with each workout. I even though now that I have been grounded from travel through April, I might get to connect with them (even my NE Patriot friends). NOPE – Social Distancing is now a thing.

While keeping our distance is necessary to getting life back to some normalcy, I do not want us to forget how to Bro Hug! See video for a reminder!

Have a great weekend and it was great to see you men this am!


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  1. HAHA. Good work. Glad to do the Murph with you and avoid the unnecessary running. Just letting you know 2 guys doing jerkins on kids playground equipment is not wrong.

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