Wednesday, November 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



When the fog cleared, four southside regulars appeared from their vehicles to run around various parking lots at the school. The theme – 21, or 19, or 11.

Thang: Mosey to far school parking lot – warm up with SSH, Don Q, squats, mountain climbers, LBCs.

21s, or Covid-19s – start in parking lot circle near light, run one loop, perform one merkin, run second loop, perform two merkins, repeat up to 21.

Mosey to rear school big steps. 11s – run up steps, one WWII situp, run down, 2 situps, repeat up to 11.

11s – dips and Freddies

JITFO long way back to flag


Thanks for showing up, YHC thought it may be a solo gig without a Q on the schedule at 5:00 AM. Social distancing was ever present. Numbers are dwindling but YHC is hopeful F3 will remain in effect with small numbers and mindful Q approaches.

21s were brutal and monotonous. Thanks to P Trap for taking the lead and finishing up first for the PAX. No this isn’t YHC’s 21st birthday Last Call, but YHC appreciates the gesture.

Stay safe ya’ll.



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