Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The First Watch Lives


Four pillars of manhood huddled six feet apart to seize the day. Here’s the story…basically.
Mosey to the covered entrance of the Church with man-sized KBs in tow.
COP (Kubota)
• SSHs
• Russian Soldiers
• Helicopters
• DQs
• Big Arm Circles
• LBCs
• HRMs
Conveyor Belt
Station 1 – Lawnmower Pulls w KB
S2 – Captain Thors
S3 – KB Swings
S4 – KB Squats
Rotation 2
S1 – American Hammers
S2 – Burpees
S3 – KB Pulls
S4 – KB Sit and Press
Pass to Honeydo
Partner 1 – People’s Chair
Partner 2 – Boxing Cockroaches straddling column x 40/50
Reverso and Repeato
Mosey to main covered entrance
Partner 1 – Run to dumpster
Partner 2 – Jump Squats
Repeato, Repeato
Pass to EF Hutton
Mosey back to side covered entrance
Conveyor Belt 2
S1 – Wall Climbs
S2 – Run to main entrance and back
S3 – Donkey Kicks
S4 – Heals to Heaven
Pass to Handshake, Intercepted by Kubota
Mosey back to VSF
2 Burpees along the way
Ring of Fire
Numberama, Nameorama, COT (Handshake)
Whilst the masses slumber, assassins lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce with merkins, squats, and burpees. Under the cover of darkness, ninjas mosey about Tuckahoe ready to strike, leaving no trace behind but the pungent scent of piss and vinegar and a 4th F or two. Raiding and pillaging and violating unsuspecting driveways all while swinging big bells. Chuck Norris even checks under the bed for this faceless, nameless threat at night. The earliest of AOs has been a secret, unknown to many before now, birthed by Kubota one cold November morning, the time has finally arrived for the world to know, the First Watch lives.
None were made.


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When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.

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  1. Well done this morning, men! Great backblast, EFH! Now if we can only get Saab out of the house to join us.