Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Attacking the VIRUS


Some SSHs and Mosey in place while YHC did a pre COT.
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Sun gods x10 each direction IC (out/front/up)
Copperhead squats x20 IC

The Thang:

We’ve got a lot going on in the world these days. Don’t let it beat you.

1st round:Van Goghdas – 1 rep – IC (A Dying Cockroach or think an Abe Vigoda but on your 6)
Iron Mikes – 2 reps – IC (Jumping Lunges)
Rosalitas – 3 reps – IC (Hello Dolly but legs in the air)
Up Downs – 4 reps (Chop your feet, chest to the ground, stand back up)
Scorpion Dry Docks – 5 Reps (Carolina Dry Dock with one leg in the air)

Run to the end of the building and back. Hit the puddles for an extra jolt of adrenaline.

2nd Round: Same as first but double the numbers
Van Goghdas – 2 rep – IC
Iron Mikes – 4 reps – IC
Rosalitas – 6 reps – IC
Up Downs – 8 reps
Scorpion Dry Docks – 10 Reps

Run to end of the building and back

Round 3: Double numbers again

Continue until time is up.

COT:Sometimes we do hard things for the only reason being they are hard. If you get to 32 up downs or 80 Scorpion Dry Docks you might think, “why am I doing this?” Because you are not training for easy things. You are training for hard things. My buddy Flea reminded me this week that the hard thing we’ve been preparing for might be happening right now. Do not give up when things get hard. Don’t give in to disease or depression or tiredness or hunger or hurt or pain. Be victorious. Win.

Post beat down assignment (non negotiable): Reach out to a fellow pax and humble brag how many rounds you completed. Tell him what you are going through in life and find out what he is going through. Then pray, meditate, write a song, hold some crystals, light a candle (you do you brother) about what you talked about. And lastly, think about what your community needs right now and set out to lead them to it.


Priorities out


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