Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

St. Patrick’s Day + 7


YHC was excited to see no rain this morning, giving way to a nice cool 38 degree foggy setting for a Corned Beef breakfast. This is how it went down this morning:


We mosey to the entrance to Atlee HS to circle up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 15 American Hammers, 20 LBC’s, 10 Alabama Prom Dates, 10 scorpions and 20 merkins.


Mosey to the parking lot and warm up with the Red Barchetta and as a refresher we run 100 yards do 100 SSH, return to start and plank for 6 (RSP6), run 75 yards do 75 Mountain climbers RSP6, run 50 yards do 50 LBC’s, RSP6, run 25 yards do 25 merkins and RSP6, run 10 yards do 10 burpees and RSP6.

Mosey to the back of school for a triple check of touch a tree, we start with Partner 1 as the timer touching 4 different trees for each rotation, partner 2 LBC’s and Partner 3 Donkey Kicks, we rotate Partner 2 touch 4 trees, Partner 3 LBC’s and Partner 1 DK’s. Final rotation of Partner 3 touch 4 trees, Partner 2 DK’s and Partner 1 LBC’s. We do this 3 times.

Mosey to basketball courts near pull up station for a DOUBLE triple check of a modified Cindy workout. Partner 1 runs two full court wind sprints (timer) Partner 2 Merkins, Partner 3 does 5 pull ups then squats until timer is complete rotate for P1 Merkins, P2, 5 pull ups followed by squats, P3 Wind sprints final rotation is P1 5 PU followed by squats, P2 Wind Sprints and P3 Merkins. This would be one set and we performed 6 sets, way to push this morning gents…nice job here although there was some mumble chatter after 3 sets.


We return to flag(that YHC left for Mr. Holland to pick up…thank you!) and Planked with Mr. Fudd, Wilson’s Wife, Southern Gentlemen, Yankee Agressor, Right and Left arm reach throughs. Some abs with legs at 6 inches from ground, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 45 then 6 t wrap thing up for the workout.


Numberama, Namerama and YHC took us out in prayer.


We discussed school being out for the year and how the world continues to change amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue to maintain proper safe spacing during this time and use common sense when around others. It was an honor to lead this morning gents. Have a great day …. CB


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