Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Keep your distance


7 equally distanced warriors posted for a no Q, No Toll beat down. Once gathered at a somewhat equal distance to talk about how this was going to work hot potato style, Tobit threw YHC under the bus as the first come first serve representative Q. YHC had actually thought about signing up the night before anyway so the Q gauntlet was accepted without a fight.

Mosey to the COP parking lot

DQ’s, Helicopters, Jasersizes, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, Sugar Sticks and American Hammers

Mosey to the first corner for an easy four corner starter

Corner 1 – (10) WWIIs, Corner 2 – (20) Jump Squats, Corner 3 – (30) SSHs, Corner 4 – (40) Monkey Humpers

Mosey to the gate bar, Bear Crawl under the gate all the way to the first light, Lung to the next light

Mosey to the basketball court, Burpeesides or Burpee Suicides. Start with 2 at first line increase by 2 at each line once you get to the end line at 8 start decreasing number at each line by 2 do not repeat the 8 at the end line.

Lets see if we can get lost Mosey into the dark of the park on the trail to find the parks workout equipment. Found the monkey bars, modified partner up / triple check with 7 people. 4 partners doing dips the timer is 3 people doing 5 pull ups switch (X3). This could work with small groups but needs to be modified.

Mosey out of the woods back to the basketball court

Tobit thought we where going to get through a Doozy Q without Man Killers but it isn’t going to happen.

Mosey out to the parking lot for 6 parking lot merkins. Bear crawl to each line and increase the merkins by 1 at each line for a total of 6 at the end. Crab walk and LBC’s in the opposite direction.

Mosey back to the basketball court for jump squat suicides

Mosey to the flag for a Merkin Mary, each person doing 5 of their favorite Merkins

Numbers/Names YHC took us out at a socially acceptable distance

NMS: It was agreed that none of us had seen the Q sheet for No Toll left blank before. YHC almost signed up for it the night before so when Tobit said “first one to the AO has to take the Q” YHC gladly accepted the challenge. YHC has been thinking about how to use the workout equipment all along the path for a while so why not give it an unplanned try. Probably will work better during the days to come with full light at this time of the morning.

Prayers for all those in the Medical Community, Law Enforcement, Emergency response and all related fields. Lots of small businesses hurting right now which hurts lots more individuals. Prayers for all that are and will be affected by these times.


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