Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

OTB – Rucking style


3 PAX took to the trail loop under weight. Proper distancing was observed by ruckers but not by everyone else on the trails. Great Mumblechatter and time this morning. Shakedown needs to take the time at home to start his book about his 20s – put me down for an advanced order.


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  1. Good fun. Ankle feels fine. Great to be able to see and talk with both of you.

    I’ll get to the book when my home improvement list is done 😜

  2. Glad the ankle is ok. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands when you’re in the slammer after CCPD does a raid on your chicken coop. #priorities

  3. Solid ruck today, fellas. Short summary: south bank runners/bikers very considerate. North Bankers generally poor form.

    Shakedown’s 20s are the stuff of legend. PSA: Always have an emergency, hidden credit card. I’m in for the book, esp the book on tape.