Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Curbside Block Pickup


5 Davillians arrived on the second day of Spring where it was truly 70 and sunny for some block party fun.

This how it went down

Trout and YHC thinking this may be a block party for 2 mosey over to the blacktop with our cinder blocks for the COP. Opus and Buckhead arrived shortly after and we got started

COP (ALL IC) – DQ, SSH, LBC’s, Scorpion Kicks, Arm Circles


Corned Beef arrives shortly after

Angry Dora – complete reps and wait for the 6: 50 – Coupon Burpees, 100 – Sit-up + Press, 150 – Curls, 200 – Coupon Merkins , 250 – Flutter Kick + Press. Second partner does a running medley up and back on the black top (Round 1 – Suicides, Round 2 – Reverse Sucides, Round 3 – Suicides, Round 4 – Run Up and back 4 times, Round 5 – Backward Run and Back 4 times)

Mosey to the play ground

Quintuple Check – Run to the side of the school and back, Pull Ups, Burp Ups, Incline Merkins, and Dips. (Got in 2 Rounds)

Mosey back to the SF

1 MOM – Boat/Canoe

Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out


Another great warm morning. YHC always enjoys bring the cinder block out every another month or so. Trout and YHC were happy to see some other had join us this morning. Chatter still focusing around COVID-19 and Trout’s Q yesterday with the 2.0’s


  • Mr Holland is starting a new AO in the West End on Monday. Check out the Pre Blast!
  • Continue to support local. Tonight maybe choice to get curbside or pick from a local restaurant and some drinks for a brewery/winery.




  1. Great workout this morning spit, coupons always a plus and very popular lately! Have a great weekend gents and I will see you in the gloom….Cheers….CB

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