Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Socially Distant Beatdown


23 hand-washing, mask-wearing, self-quarantine-rs posted for our first social distancing beatdown of the Covid-19 era. Temps were sunny and 70. The pax did the following, more or less:

Slaughter-ish Starter (all in-cadence, Lawrence Welk style):

3 merkins

11 SSHs

19 flutter kicks

3 merkins

Happy birthday to Mr. Lawrence Welk, who would have been 117 this week. He taught YHC the art of calling cadence.

Mosey to the Amphitheater for COP:

SSHs x19

IW’s x10

DQ’s x10

Helicopters x10

Merkins x19

LBC’s x19

Something else x10

Assemble on the Stage for Self-Quarantine (1 hour workout entirely on the stage).

Correction: YHC remembered that Wilson does this every September.

Ascending Medley

Starting at the bottom, do 10 monkey humpers and 9 reverse crunches on each step.

Early finishers hold decline merkin plank on the top step, mixing in assorted ups-and-downs


Partner up. Remain socially distant.

Partner 1 runs down to bottom step, while

Partner 2 performs (Not) Wilson’s Boxing Cockroach (do it solo!) at the top step.

When partner 1 returns, swap places.

Attempt to have each partner run to each step (18, then 17, then 16, etc).

Speaking of Wilson (and, YHC thinks…Nancy Lopez) and Social Distancing, Wilson and NL showed up at the 06:30 a.m. point of the work out having been unable to find the PAX, who had been hiding in plain sight AT THE BOTTOM OF THE AMPHITHEATER.

Early finishers hold decline merkin plank on the top step, mixing in assorted ups-and-downs.

Mosey towards the Great Lawn, but stop short for…

(Don’t You Dare) Touch-a-Tree:

Somehow, Touch-a-Tree has become the most complicated of F3 rotations.

To paraphrase Corporate, “How is this hard for people? You touch a tree.”

YHC agrees.

Remaining socially distant, form teams of 3.  

Rounds of 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 trees. As with any triple check, each man does all three parts. Exercises for rounds 10 and 8 were squats and flutter kicks

Exercises for rounds 6 and 4 were something else and LBCs (who knows?)

Exercises for round 2 were burpees and burpees.

EF Hutton led the early finishers in some planking.

Mosey to the Great Lawn for 4 Corners:

Corner 1: Merkins x19

Corner 2: Snow Angels x19

Corner 3: Flutter Kicks x19

Corner 4: SSHs

When done, run it back in reverse.

Short mosey to the front of the Carillon for some Mary

Box cutters x19

Rosalita’s x19

Group Mosey BTTF (Handshake has only one speed)

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


Great to have Sippy back. He’s running a Go-Fund-Me to get a new front tooth. Pinterest is hosting a site with his options.

Apparently, Bodo’s canceled God (or, at least, in person services) for his parish. (A small handful of) people are losing their minds. Given the circumstances, let’s all remember how challenging this unprecedented situation is.

Let’s keep all of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues struggling with how to deal with Covid-19 and its implications in our prayers.  Patience, kindness, leadership, and understanding to everyone. Keep calm and mosey on. And, remember, this is real.


YHC signed up for this Q some months ago anticipating a March celebration of Lawrence Welk. Life intervened. Somehow, what YHC had planned just didn’t seem quite right, so YHC reconsidered the following:

“Self-quarantine on stage.” Wilson already does that.

“Prison cell quarantine in a parking space.”  Issues: a) there are no marked spaces at Dogpile and b) Chum already does this.

Who would have guessed that all of the really good “pandemic-themed” Q options would already have been taken?


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  1. Upchuck – it was Punskatawny with me. And for the record and hope #bigdata records this, but Wilson and Punskatawny ran more than the PAX for the entire hour. Damn you quiet PAX! We all run late on occasion and instead of fartsacking Punskatawny and I decided to roll in late. Figured it would only be about 10 minutes. So we started to head to the normal spots, but the Pax was nowhere! So we decided (knowing it was an Upchuck Q) that he would try to keep them busy. So we went ALL the way around to the bridge and almost turned right at Maymont, but we made a quick call to head to amphitheater to do our own workout and what do we see THE PAX. Honestly the quietest ever. Soon to find out they were there the entire time. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Glad we hooked up with them as the remainder of the workout was pretty tough. RVA you gotta work on your mumble chatter! lol Have a great day fellas.

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