Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Friday Windsor Jaunt


A solid double dozen men showed up on a just warm enough to wear gloves but not cold enough to wear long pants morning for a run around the southside of Cary Street.

The Thang…


East across Commonwealth to Willetta which winds east to Kingscrest (one of the two “crests” that were run today). Kingscrest deadheads into Malvern.

Go South on Malvern, across Cary into the wonderful Windsor Farm community. From there, you are on Canterbury and you bear to the left on Canterbury to start running towards the back of the community.

In the early 1960s, the Canterbury family and the Sulgrave family got into a pretty large brouhaha about land, liquor and the respect of their women. The Sulgraves won. Thus, about halfway down your route on Canterbury, it turns into Sulgrave. Long live Sulgrave.

The Sulgraves, however, just couldn’t keep it together in the 1970s and the Berkshire family took over that part of the neighborhood around 1976. While the Sulgraves fought hard, mainly over cattle and a few llamas…the Berkshires succeeded to grab that land and that part of the road.

Take Berkshire to Dover, right on Dover. Dover runs into Locke. Take a right on Locke and immediately go through the natural area to get yourself on Pocahontas. Make sure you take the 2nd opening of the natural area, the first can be a bit prickly, as found out by the YHC and FacePlant (but avoided by Hardywood and Splinter).

Pocahontas to Kingscrest. Right on Kingscrest.

The 4s get out of the Kingscrest loop at Cary. Across the street to Oak. Oak to Grove, Grove back to the Shovel Flag. A bit heavy on the final number (4.3 miles).

The 5s take the Kingscrest loop all the way around. Take the steepest part for the 2nd time and then to Oak to Grove and the back to the Shovel Flag.

The 6s take the Kingscrest loop all the way around but continue going another 1/2 lap. They take the first Charmain right (not the 2nd) which eventually, somehow turns into West Moreland. (Have you ever looked at a map and seen what Charmain, the road, really looks like. It is bizarre and very unorthodox).

Anyhoo, take a hairpin turn from West Moreland back to Locke. South on Locke. Left on Dover, that runs you to back to the Berkshire Family’s road. Left there, which takes you to Cary. Cross Cary to Commonwealth and Back to the Flag. (For the 6.5’s, take your first left off Dover onto Nottingham, take Nottingham to Coventry, to Calycanthus, to Lilac to Nottingham to Dover to freakin’ Locke to Cary to Commonwealth to back to the flag. I can’t get a run done in this neighborhood without getting lost.



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  1. Did Marv write this, or was it Lockjaw? 🤔. Battle of the history professors.

    My run was turrible. Let’s do this again so I can redeem myself.

  2. Wedding Singer on

    Pucker and I accidentally jumped on Charmian and then right on Hillcrest and back which was about 3.3 miles. Bleeder and his crew of 4 milers did Pocahontas and was about the same. Looking at the map I think we did everything else right (except from Berkshire it’s a left on Dover, says right above). If you add the full Hillcrest loop as in turn left and go to the western loop you may be right at the 4.

    Either way, killing in with the backblasts Marv!