Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Beastmaster


Six gloom warriors assembled at Twin Team to master the Beast. The bards sang thusly of their quest:

COP – SSH, Arm Circles, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Sugar Stix, Rosalitas. Mosey to the Swamp for:

The Thang: Beastmaster

Glow sticks at 0y, 25y, 50y, 75y, 100y. Journey In prescribed manner to the 25 and do 6 reps of prescribed exercise; repeat 6 reps at the 50 and 75; Al Gore for the 6 at 100 yards; repeato.

  1. merkin – bear crawl, Bernie, crabwalk, lunge
  2. LBC – bear crawl, Bernie, crabwalk, lunge
  3. Squat – Bernie, bear crawl, lunge crab walk
  4. Dying Quioxtes- Bernie x 4
  5. WWIIs – Bernie x 4
  6. Burpees – run x 4

Collect the glow sticks and BTTF.

Numbers, names, announcements, and Doozy took us out.

NMMS: Way to put out gents — the back to back ab blast of Dying Quixotes and WWIIs was no joke. Mumblechatter was constant and varied. Wilson fart sacking, school plays, pegging — the usual. As always, it was a privilege to lead today.

Fore The Cause – May 15 at Birkdale ; beer, questionable golf, dinner, good times. Dress code: jorts, kilts, Loudmouth PBR trou. See you there!


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  1. What a killer looking workout. I am actually glad I rested after POG killed me at SOT. Good job fellas.

  2. You were missed Wilson. Especially when Flatty wanted to know more about this pegging thing that the millennials are into….

  3. Nice Q Doublemint! You are The Beastmaster. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of that movie. My favorite version is with Mystery Science Theater 3000.