Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Record numbers at Timberwolf


15 came out for the POG Q this morning. I was told that has to be a record at Timberwolf so I’m going with it.


One lap around the track to get loose then SSH, Merkins, DQs, Mountain Man Poopers (real exercise..look it up)


Burp Back Mountain- Partner up, 1 partner run backwards up hill and forwards back down 5 times while other partner is doing burpees. Switch every 5 times up and down hill. Finish when you do combined 100 burpees.

Since I’m heading to Vegas this weekend I figured I’d break out a deck of cards for the Deck of Death- do number on card for the following exercises.

Hearts-American Hammers/ Spades-Squats/ Clubs-Crunchy Frogs/ Diamonds -Merkins

Kings & Aces are laps around the school

It wouldn’t be a POG workout without the line of fire. Balls to the wall with 10 donkey kicks starting at both ends of the line, move down until everybody does 10. First round 10, second round 5, third round 5.

Back to the flag, numberama, namearama.

Thanks for everybody coming out. Glad I was able to lead this group!


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  1. POG – That was a kick ass workout. You forced the OG Fartsacker to show up Friday! Rosetta, I have immediate regret asking you to come out (JK)! The laps around the school were absolutely brutal. Great job fellas.

  2. The laps sucked and the Burp Back/Bernie Hill Mountain sucked too. A whole lotta suck.