Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who is leading this thing?


4 fighters rolled into The Anvil for a fun fest that went something like this…

Mosey to the basketball court

The Carpenter started the hot potato Q

COP – All IC – 50 SSHs, arm circles, 10 helicopters, 10 Don Quixotes, 10 HRMs, 20 LBCs, 10 copperhead squats, 20 crab cakes

Mr. Holland took the Q

Mosey around the school to the hill in the back

Touch a School – Run down the hill, touch the school (different brick each time) and go back up the hill.

  • Run down, run back up, 30 WWII sit-ups
  • Run down, Bernie Sanders back up, 30 two-count American hammers
  • Run down, bear crawl back up, 15 lieutenant dans
  • Run down, crawl bear back up, 10 burpees

Trout took the Q

Mosey to swing sets

25 reverse LBCs with feet on the swing, 25 incline merkins… repeat until 200 total of all exercies

Mudface took the Q

Partner up. Partner carry around the track followed by Team Jerkins (2 rounds for each person).

Mosey to the start

Numberama, Namerama, The Carpenter took us out


Mudface was first to arrive followed by Trout and The Carpenter. Mr. Holland rolled in and we all stood around wondering, “Who is leading this thing?” Someone finally asked. The answer was given… Hot Potato.

The Carpenter has not Q’d in many months due to a nagging pinched nerve and pain in his shoulder/right arm. Something seemed right (or wrong) about 50 SSHs IC to start the beat down. The PAX was wondering if 100 SSHs IC was in order but not yet…

Mr. Holland provided a tour of the whole school grounds and then led the PAX to the far hill where everyone expected “Touch a Tree” but we got “Touch a School” instead. There is only school. Mr. Holland directed us to touch a different brick on the wall each time.

Trout and Mudface dished out ample pain in the final segments. Mudface carried The Carpenter with a fireman’s carry. The Carpenter was not able to return the favor however. The Team Jerkins were well-received by all and will be making a return soon…

Good times all around in the gloom!


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  1. It was great to be back and it definitely felt great leading the COP for the first time in 2020. I have missed all of the F3 greatness and it felt like coming home.