Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Oyster Parked in the Weirdo Spot


Seven brothers met to start the day off right. A meeting of the minds ensued.

COP: Imperial Walkers (do as I say, not as I do) x 10. Russian Solders (again, do as I say, not as I do) x 10. WWIIs x 10. LBCs x 10. Rosalitas x 10. Scissor Kicks x 10. Hello Dollies x 10. Flutter Kicks x 10.

MENSA: Partner up at the top of the Hill of Ill Repute. Partner one runs to the bottom and back. Partner two Lunges. Round 2 = Bear Crawl. Round 3 = Polar Bears. Repeat to the bottom.

INSANITY: Repeat MENSA back up HIR.

LOW TIDE: Mosey over to the tennis court for Crab Walk Elevens. Singles line to singles line. Exercises are Merkins and Box Cutters. After hitting the 5/6 interchange, replace Crab Walk with Lunges.

BILLIE JEAN KINGS: Triple Check. Partner one runs line tracers out and back. Partner two = Squats. Partner 3 = LBCs.

BTTF: Zippy announcements

NMS: Keep our brother Sippy Cup in your thoughts and prayers. He suffered a significant bike crash (was not hit by a car), but, I understand, will be fine. I don’t have details beyond that.

There’s a guy who is always at FHP around 05:15 on Mondays. He parks next to the Stone House for about 15 minutes, then leaves. No idea why. Today, that person joined us. Apparently … it’s Oyster.

We preach daily about living our lives to the fullest. Now go do it.


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  1. Great morning for a beatdown. Thanks for tagging along. Oh, and Hardywood pledged to start dressing like TYA.

  2. Fact; ever since our society started getting so pc, I’m not legally allowed to dress like TYA. Fact #2; the second round of Mensa was awful.

    Great Q Vinny. Way to lead us today!