Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



9 hooligans gathered in the gloom for 45 minutes of Mary. Here’s how it happened:

COP: SSH // DQs // Imperial Walkers // Copperhead Squats // Plank Jacks // Froggers // Carolina Dry Docks // LBCs // American Hammers

Big Bang: Plank in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, with a headlamp at the center. On the YHC’s command, the pax EXPLOSIVELY jumps up from plank position, runs 10 paces, performs 10 burpees, then runs back to the circle to plank position // Next Round: 20 paces, 20 Jump Squats // Round 3: 30 paces, 30 merkins // Round 4: 40 paces, 40 Monkey Humpers // Round 5: 50 paces, 50 WW2s. Back to plank position for Pickle pounders IC.

Wall-O-Rama: A reprise from DTH’s Hoedown Q on Monday, enjoy some painful rounds against the wall. Round 1: “Dirty HookUp” x20 IC (plank facing wall, place each hand up on wall, then bring them back down, 4ct, alternate hand order half-way through). People’s Chair // Round 2: Donkey KicksDonkey Kick-Offs (Counting up by x5 reps per set with 5 seconds of rest with feet on wall between sets …ascended to x20 DK’s). People’s Chair. // Round 3: Chicken Peckers x20 IC. Mosey to field.

Chutes & Ladders: Run two trees, perform 5 merkins. Bernie Sanders back one tree, then run two more trees, perform 5 merkins. Rinse and repeat to the last tree. // Round 2: Same program with LBCs. // Round 3: Same program with Burpees. Mosey to Monkey Bars.

Pull-Up Circle: The Pax encircles the bars and performs Dips, LBCs and Incline merkins as each member takes turns performing 5 pull ups. Mosey back to the flag.

Numberama, Namerama, COT.

NMS: Some highlights of today: Handshake cannot begin an AO without making a comment on YHC’s outfit, but thanks to TYA all attention was quickly shunted to mocking his Lululemon pants. // The pax enjoyed YHC’s insistence that we jump from plank position EXPLOSIVELY, even as Saab’s definition of explosively resembled a man getting off the ground after being gored by a bull // Speaking of bovine, Hitchhiker sounds like a cow in labor while doing the wall-o-rama // After the COT, we returned to mocking TYA’s pants. A good inclusio for the AO.

Great work gents!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Solid Q Bodo’s
    Great work guys – Splinter was cranking during the chutes and Ladders .
    See y’all in the gloom !

  2. Great fun today Bodos! I enjoyed the science lesson on the blacktop. Gomer and I were having trouble keeping up with your cadence during wall-o-rama.

  3. Saab, you can reserve your explosiveness for your runs. I tried to tail you last week and you dropped me like a habit. That’s no old man’s sputter!