Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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14 strong posted, better than the average number at SOT. Perhaps due to pax members skipping the monsoon yesterday morning

The thang:

Mosey to lower parking lot – SSH, Don Q, Slow Squats, LBCs, reverse LBCs.

Track – partner up, run opposite directions and meet on other side of track, perform exercise with partner, run back to point of beginning and perform exercises with partner. First exercise is 10 boo ya merkins for 4 total laps, or 40 total merkins. Second exercise was 25 leg throws, with 3 total laps or 75 total leg throws per person. Last was plerkins with 2 total laps or 20 perkins total each.

Lindsays – step ups on bleacher and two-count freddies.

Mosey to parking lot hill – triple check. peoples chair, flutter, run up hill and back.


Great work PAX! OC good to have you out again, keep it up. Thanks for enduring the track work which took up a large portion of the allotted time. Chatter was good until the groans became apparent towards the mid to end of the track laps. As for the title, well, some things are simply left on the field, pun intended. You have to post to hear it. Nearly lost my cadence.

See you in the gloom. And resolve to complete your goals.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Or set a goal for a resolution? Either way Doozie is camping this weekend if you want to join and talk about it. James River campground.

  2. Great Q, Singer. Running the track sucks (in a good way), but running that hill REALLY sucks (in a good way).



  3. It felt good to be back. Credit to Flange for telling me to get off my ass, stop whining and show up. Thanks for a good Q Singer.