Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hoedown is back in 2020


Sixteen studs came out to the first Hoedown of the decade. With Mid 30s temps and darkness across the AO mosey’d to the front of school for:

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Merkins, LBCs, & Don Qs. Pass a cold week-old Potato to Splinter. Splinter took us back to the parking lot for 11s: Imperial Squat Walkers & Derkins. Splinter passed Q back to YHC, over to blacktop. 4 Corners: 10 burpees, 20 V-Ups, 30 Merkins, & 40 Jump Squats. 2nd round increase all reps by 5.

Back down to parking lot, quick elbow plank & 20 Pickle Pounders. Then follow the arrows: Crab Walk arrow loop, 3 Hand-release Merkins each arrow. Head over to the flag for Mary: Flutterkicks, Hello Dollys, APDs, Kimchi Twists, American Hammers. YHC took us out.

NMS – Great to have 16 out to start new year. Lots of new faces and old ones we haven’t seen in a while. A Slurpee sighting in the gloom is always a good thing.

YHC was hoping Splinter would be in attendance to pass him the Q without his prior knowledge. He promptly dropped the 11s on us. Backwards running in the pitch black is always a good call. But somehow Gomer Pyle did not hurt himself during the 11s.

Mr Holland was back to form, looks like he back is better. Kimchi Twists are all the rage at hoedown so YHC felt compelled to drop them on the larger pax. Maybe Doozy while take them down SOJ soon.

Prayers for Offshore’s In-Laws. Winter Tour is in full swing. Also YHC has taken the liberty of creating an F3RVA group on Slack. Be on the lookout for invites via email. Other F3 regions are using this to good effect and with new year YHC wanted to give it a try.

Announcements: T Shirt order see link below:



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  1. Sorry to miss, men. I was feeling under the weather. Glad to see Slurpee is back in action.

  2. Doozy has two Q’s on the books in the very near future and the Kimchi Twists will be on the menu.

    Great Q, it was nice to get out to Hoedown. It’s one of the AO’s that I should be attending more often but I kind of forgot how close to home it really is for me.

  3. Hate that I missed that cold potato! Now all is right with the world. Doozy I’ll be looking forward to those Kimchi Twists!

  4. Thanks for leading the first hoedown of the year! Was Splinter MIA for a Hoedown Q in 2019? I missed a few weeks with cough, flu, and travel. Thankful to be getting back in the groove. Syitg boys!