Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Additional Accolades for Joey Chestnut


A strong PAX of 4 posted for the Punisher. Joey Chestnut was hesitant, perhaps because of a dearth of hot dogs, but warmed up to the beatdown and put in a solid effort with the other PAX.


Dribble soccer balls from the VSF to the soccer field for COP: SSH, IW, Hillbillies, Scorpion Kicks, Back Lifts, Tempo Nosewipe Merkins, JLos/Not-Pickle-Pounders-Because-They-Were-Side-To-Side, Helicopters IC

Triple Check. One PAX dribbles the soccer ball down the field to try to score on Jville. If not, 1 burpee. Another PAX does American Hammers and another does Carolina Dry Docks. Joey Chestnut was 3-for-3, Offshore was 0-for-2, Chum was 1-for-2(?).

Mosey to the basketball court for a game of Knockout. Joey Chestnut edged out Jville for the win after eliminating his dear ol’ dad.

Mosey to the end of the court for a triple check. One PAX dribbles to the end of the court and shoots until making a layup, another does Reverse Crunches, and another does Storm Squats. Joey Chestnut led the field in shooting percentage; YHC shot like a Tarheel (or was it a Hokie?).

Mosey to the playground for a Mini-Modified-Murph: 5 Swing Jerkins, 10 Merkins, 15 Jump Ups on the springboard thing. Then traverse the playground, including the slide, and plank for the six. Repeato 4 times.

Mosey back to the VSF for some WWIIs.

Winter tour continues. Prayers for Joey Chestnut’s grandparents. This was perhaps one of the worst beatdowns for someone with a torn calf, but Jville was a good sport and improvised as needed. SYITG!


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