Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



Eleven jubilant runners decided to brave the early morning rain to trundle around the Near West End on this, the third day of January.

According to those that going around 5am, it was coming down pretty hard at Munford for the start of the rain. By the time the remainder of the Pax got there at 5:30 it had turned into a light rain and had cleared pretty much by the end of the Q. Temperatures were about a running-weather perfect 49 degrees.

The Thang…

Only 4s and 6s today…which actually gave the QIC a break because his 5 mile run was more like 5.45.

Immediately head EAST right up Wilmetta and then to Kingscrest and on to Malvern. South on Malvern…across Cary and into the lovely Windsor Farm neighborhood.

From there, bear left on Canterbury….take that all the way around, past Bleeder’s house, and then a left on Dover. Dover Dead Ends at Locke. Left on Locke.

Take Locke all the way down to one Stuart Siegel’s property at the end of lock. Circle around his little entrance there and the 4s take Locke all the way back to Grove. East on Grove and then back to the flag.

The 6s cut from Locke to Pocahontas and that deadends at Hillcrest. 3/4 of a lap around Hillcrest (2nd time this week for many) and then right on Charmian (for the 2nd time this week…if there’s a steeper hill in any Qs than Charmian, I’d like to see, but not necessarily run on, it).

Charmian turns into West Moreland but somehow spits you out slightly west of Munford on Grove….running right by Bleeder’s church where there is a playground named after him. Right on Grove and back to the flag.

Notes: The QIC used to run part of this route all the time prior to his F3 days (there should be a name for that, like B-F3…but something better than “B-F3″…maybe FartSackLandia or something.) Anyway, what the QIC never really noticed was that Dover stretched all the way across the lovely Windsor Farms neighborhood…so, unfortunately…many of the PAX took Dover when they crossed it the first time. That led to all kinds of confusion and an embarrassed QIC.

Speaking of the embarrassed QIC, the 6s missed the turn on Dover and ended up, somehow, on Cary. QIC’s phone was in his heavily insulated pocket, so it had no clue where it was. From Cary they went west and then South on Locke to head down to Mr. Siegel’s. We will do this run again in the very near future so to get it right for the 4s and 6s.

Somehow, we crossed paths on a few occasions with the boys that leave at 3:30am (Swirly, TYA, Lug). The odds of that are pretty small IMO. We haven’t run the lovely Windsor Farms route in awhile but we did, without communicating with the group that leaves 2 hours earlier…yet there they were, pretty much running a similar route. Relatively long odds, I would say.

And I’m being serious…I want to know a steeper hill that Charmian.


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