Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Parking Issues and the 4th F


4 Davillians, wait, Rounders coming in hot and about to take out his bumper (again) now 5, wait, Yard Sale in as a LIFO, finally an even 6 this rainy Friday morning.

This is how it went down

Warm Up – Parking Lot Tracers

Mosey to the school grounds and under the breezeway

COP (ALL IC) – Jump Squats (touching the beams) x20, SSH x20, Helicopters x20, Up/Down Merkins x20, LBC’s x20, Heels to Heaven x20, Flutter Kicks x20, Arm Circles x20


Mosey to the play ground

Partner Work Part 1 – Complete 20 Pull ups and 20 PLT as a team

Mosey to the track

Partner Work Part 2 – Switch partner. As a team complete 20 laps around the track. While one runs the other does 20 Merkins then hold elbow plank

Mosey to the blacktop

One round of suicides and finish with 20 LBC’s

Mosey back to the SF for Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, Opus took us out.


Fun morning at The Creek. Carpenter was back from vaca, Yard Sale no longer has “allergies”, and Rounders provide some humor parking his car. Also the 4th F was flowing during the COP.

Good do see some competition during the track running. Carpenter and Yard Sale every lap were racing (unless they were chatting), Rounders were run down Mud Face then Mud Face would kick it into 2nd gear. Opus push hard to make sure his team wasn’t lapped

Today was just a great reminder of how much fun these workouts can be


  • Winter Tour is in full swing, see Preblast for details
  • Prayers for Mr Holland as he recovers from an injury at the NYD Convergences




  1. The Carpenter on

    It was great to be back at The Creek in the gloom. Yardsale and I were mostly chatting as we ran our track loops. Mudface raced me at one point and sprinted like a beast to the finish line! I am still marveling at Rounders’ entrance. I don’t know how he didn’t flip his car!