Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



A Nifty nine PAX closed out Nineteen in Hot Potato fashion at Heartbreak Ridge. Several Wahoo PAX were tired from the late finish of the Orange bowl but needed a last 2019 Big Data point. Here’s how it went down:

COP: Honeydo – SSH, Don Qs, Arm circles, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Scorpion Kicks. Hand to Handshake:

Mosey to “Danger Zone” for Triple check – Run loop of PES lot, Merkins, & Kimchi Twists. Hand Q to Seymour- Mosey to Honeysuckle hill for 6 rounds of Bear Crawl up & run down. Hand off to Mr Holland, down to track for shortened Track beast: 1st lap Merkins, 2nd Lap Merkins + WWIIS, 3rd Lap – Merkins, WWIIs, & Burpees (ouch). Attila took us back to flag for 75 secons of mary & COT.

NMS – Good final beatdown of the decade at HBR. Nice to have 9 strong out. YHC has taken the liberty of naming the corner section of PES as the “Danger Zone” with the giant exposed propane tank and low hanging powerlines. Hitchhiker’s Kimchi Twists, after debuting at Hoedown yesterday, made their way to HBR. Will they spread to SOJ and Daville next? Guess we’ll see in 2020.

Mr. Holland pushed the PAX on the 3rd round of the Track Beast with Burpees. Those 3 Laps ate up almost 20 minutes. Good thing Splinter was not here as Mr Holland was not up for sharing the potato.

Squeaker and LinkedIn made the rest of the PAX look slow as usual, but still good to have them out. Bodos drove past Spider Run to get a full body beatdown, always welcome out at F3RVAs brightest AO.

CONVERGENCE tomorrow at The Forge 7:00. Let’s have so many PAX there that DTH cannot try and spring his Cabers on us.


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  1. Congrats guys on a successful hot potato. Three people sharing the Q sounds very appropriate. At least there wasn’t anyone left out…

  2. Yesterday we played “keep away” today Mr. Holland played “my ball, my rules”

    Happy New Years, y’all!