Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Highly Disinterested PAX


Three F3RVA GMs escaped the fartsack to pay penance to the Fantasy Gods in the third inaugural F3 RVA Fantasy Football review.  Seven more with little to no interest in the theme of the day hopped on for the ride.


COP (In honor of the Playoff Teams)

  • Honeymoon (7-6) – Copperhead Squats x 7
  • Viral (7-6) – Snow Angels x 7
  • Sparky (8-5) – APDs x 8
  • Loose Goose (9-4) – Hand Release Merkins x 9
  • Opus (11-2) – Smurf Jacks x 11

Beatdown of the Year: Loose Goose over BT week 10 by 85 points – 85 LBCs OYO

The Good:  Opus 11-2 (13-2) Champion, 2,039 Points Scored, 4 Weekly Beatdown Awards

  • Opus Trivia
    • Fantasy MVP?  Lamar Jackson # 8 – 8 Burpees OYO and a Lap
    • RB of the Year? Christian McCaffrey # 22 – 22 Merkins and a Lap
    • WR of the Year? Michael Thomas w/ 149 Receptions – 149 Monkey Humpers and a Lap

The Bad: The Usual Suspects (Wilson, Marmaduke, DK) 37-80 All-Time Combined Record, 0 Winning Seasons

  • 37 – DK style Bob and Weave (19R/18L)
  • 80 – Wilson’s Boxing Cockroaches

The Ugly: Marmaduke “The Toilet King”– 3 Straight Toilet Bowl Appearances, Loser of 2, 11-28 All-Time

  • Beast – Freddie Mercuries, Jump Squats, American Hammers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Burpees

Marmaduke’s Revenge – 5 Forward/ 5 Backward Sprints across Parking Lot

Mosey Back to Flag for 2 Minutes of Mary

Numberama, Nameorama, COT


Season 3 of F3 RVA Fantasy Football comes to its conclusion with the man who owned the league from start to finish on top.  Congrats to Opus and his unstoppable group of Lamar Jackson, Austin Ekeler, Michael Thomas and the Patriots Defense.  YHC was arguably the hottest team in the league at the end of the season, but it was too little too late for the Bandandits, alas disappointment, but the future is bright.  For many teams, ahem DK and Wilson, it was business as usual.  The business of losing.  BT joined them, while Sparky had his best season and Flatline once again missed the playoffs by a hair.  In the end only one team could bring up the six.  Marmaduke was a fantastic draft host and put up a respectable regular season, but once again found himself in the Toilet Bowl for the third straight season, snatching that coveted title away from DK.  Thanks to all who participated and YHC looks forward to next season.  Apologies to the innocent bystanders caught up in today’s Q.


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