Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two extra inches makes you warmer


Yep, its cold outside. Early arrivals huddle together to stay warm. Some in shorts with bare knees and other with tights and running pants. Yet Handshake was unique from the others in his choice of socks – 2 inches above ankle. These socks, also known as the Saab Special, were intended to provide extra warmth, or precisely two inches of extra warmth. I guess it all adds up when it is 23 degrees.

The routes were called and off we went. Down Grove to Thompson and over to Cary for a stroll through Carytown. Heading North on the Boulevard, 4s returned Kennsington to Patterson to Commonwealth to home. 5s and 6s took the Blvd to Monument for a spin east and then back west to return via Commonwealth.

YHC took us out.

Announcements: Winter Tour is kicking off on New Year’s Day and will run until early April. The goal is to hit all 26 AOs. Think you are up to it? Sign up.

Too much tapering can be a bad thing.



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  1. Good route LJ. I thought you had something else in store, regardless it was a good run. Great to run with some different folks today, where the etymology of the hipster was the dominant conversation.

  2. I too thought we’d have a galactic route. Good to run with The Whittler (angrily pronounced “da whitlah!” I believe).