Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frozen Cheeks


A frozen four found their way out to Twin Team in Icy 20 degree conditions to dodge the ice and find a beatdown. After jogging a loop for the NewMarket clown car that was never to appear we did:

COP: SSH, Russian Soldiers, Helicopters, Merkins, LBCs. Head to parking lot for

THE THANG: Partner up for 5 minutes of increasing exercises:

Round 1: Burpees starting at 2, each man does, then increase by 2. Other man is holding Al Gore. We got up to 14. So 56 Burpees.

Round 2: After moving to the grass; Sets of increasing by 3 of WWIIs while other man holds 6 inches. Got up to 24. 108 WWIIs total.

Round 3: Merkins starting at 4 and going up by 4. Other man is doing squats. Got up to 28. 112 Merkins in total.

Round 4: Donkey kicks on the track entrance building: 5 DKs then increase by 5. Other man doing LBCs. Got up to 30. 105 DKs in total.

Long mosey back to BWES. Find grassy patch in front for: 3 sets of 20 PLTs. Then introduce BoBerry to Pickle Pounders. Finish up with Ring of Fire. YHC took us out.

NMS – YHC stole this idea from Garbage Plate of 5 minutes alternating & increasing exercises but altered it so the count increased from 2-5 for the 4 rounds. Turns out increasing sets of 4 merkins gets tough around the 20s.

56 Burpees got the PAX properly warmed up in the 20 degree weather.

5 full minutes on the frosty grass doing WWII and 6 inches left all with frozen cheeks for the remainder of the beatdown. Very little mumblechatter this morning besides PAX pointing out where the black ice was around the AO. YHC hadn’t met BoBerry before, always good to meet a newer dedicated PAX member, apparently YHC needs to get his 6 out ot SOJ more often. Great way to start of YHC’s 42nd year, aye!


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  1. Good to meet you to Honey Do, HBD! Way to bring it for the beat down! … at one point I wasn’t sure if I was getting a good work out or I was frozen from the waist down like Audrey in Christmas Vacation.

  2. Nice of you to come visit SOJ HoneyDo, reminds me that I need to take my bare knees over the river to the Tuckahoe area for some winter fun. Hope you find something to do on your birthday that is acceptable to your M.

  3. Strong reference Boberry! Can’t believe you’d never done pickle pounders, in the gloom I mean…