Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Were you drinking when you made this up?


5 men braved the cold (but thankfully it wasn’t raining) to finish off the week in the best possible way.

COP: SSH, Imperial walkers, arm circles, LBC’s, merkins, DQ. Mosey to curb in front of school.

20 reps each of calf raises, dips, toe taps and merkins, run and touch a bus between each exercise.

30 reps each of slow Helix squats, LBC’s, donkey kicks and jump squats, touch a bus after doing 2 exercises.

60 reps (yes, 60) each of SSH, 2-count mountain climbers, Freddie Mercurys and 2-count split jacks, touch a bus after doing 2 exercises.

70 reps each of 2-count American hammers, overhead claps and side lunges, 30 reps of shoulder taps (cut down for time), touch a bus after 2 exercises.

Plank on the curb, hand walk down 5 ‘steps’, complete a diamond merkin and 20 squats, repeat 2 more times working toward the flag. Lunge last half for time.

Numberama, namerama, YHC took us out.


YHC has not been very diligent about coming the last few weeks. Sure, there are reasons, but any PAX knows it’s not hard to think of reasons to let the fartsack claim you each morning. YHC will do better, because every workout attended helps both you and the PAX, as we all bring something wonderfully unique to the group. YHC is inspired to work harder simply by seeing how hard the PAX is striving, not in a competitive way, but instead their hard work shows YHC that the effort is the achievement.

Great work was put in by all, and not surprisingly, YHC did not plan enough and had to ad lib with the PAX’s assistance, thanks again men. When the reps jumped from 30 to 60, there was some questioning of the state YHC was in when drawing up the workout. Nope, sadly this was done while not under the influence of anything, including wisdom or good judgement. Proud to lead and be a part of this group!

As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing…


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