Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

2 Ladders and a Game of Horse


10 Tanks took over the 530 hour at SOJ’s famous Friday AO: Twin Team. With a warm 36 degrees on the t-stat the PAX was eager to take advantage of a “not as cold as we expected morning.”


Mosey to the Bus Loop

F3 Welcome, Mantra and Disclaimer.

SSHs, Imperial Walkers, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Helicopters, Arm Circles and reverso, Merkins, LBCs and Star Stretch (it’s going to catch up)

Warm? Let’s Boogie.

The Thang

Exercise I: Everyone’s Favorite Combo Ladder

Kicking off YHC’s last SOJ Q of the 2019 calendar year, it was time to bring back the fan favorite Combo Ladder from YHC’s Twin Team Q debut.

Mosey to the baseline of the black top.

Bear crawl down to the other baseline and perform 6 exercises in consecutive order:

  • Copperhead Squats; Monkey Humpers; Merkins; Carolina Drydocks; two count flutters; reverse crunches

lunge back to the baseline only to bear crawl back and repeato the exercises in descending rep count: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

algore or shoot hoops for the six.

Exercise II: F3 game of Horse

Each PAX member wages an exercise and shoots. He scores –> rest of the pax completes exercises, PAX member misses -> all complete

Exercises included: box cutters, no cheat merkins, burpees, front kicks, chuck norris merkins, mtn climbers, flutters, diamond merkins and YHC forgot the rest

Only two of the PAX members have a shot at the varsity squad….. gloves and a NE Patriots style (deflated) game ball are to blame.

Exercise III: Jacob’s Ladder

Mosey to the hill on the front side of the building

Modified Jacobs ladder up to 5 burpees

Plankarama for the six.

People’s Chair and Mary

Rounds of wall sits, Alabama Prom Dates, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas….. LBCs to the horn

Numberama, Namerama, YHC took us out.

New OTB location for SOJ is now Starbucks.

Please lift up those named (Honeymoon, EF Hutton, Wilson) and unnamed. Help us lean in for understanding.

Enjoyed the fellowship and beatdown this morning fellas. Glad to return once again to one of my favorite AOs. A few words that hit me hard this morning during trying times…

When we are threatened by uncertainties, remind us that your loving kindness is there to meet us at every corner. Help us to keep a good opinions of ourselves, and bring us through safely to nightfall.

Have a great one y’all. SYITG.


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