Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bear Creek 2019


8 PAX made their way out to Cumberland county to take on the Bear Creek 10 miler. Between bonus miles, first trail race, and gender inclusive shirt logos a good time was had by all.

THE THANG: Arrive at Bear Creek State Park in 22 degree weather. All PAX meet up and freeze up until start. All PAX complete 10 mile route, 2 PAX opted for extra loop of additional mile.

NMS – Overall success with no runners injured or lost during the race. The several fast runners took a wrong turn in mile 2 and ended up with a mile loop. Saab and Ollie were in that group. Saab took a branch to the forehead and was sporting a nice scrape post race. Tobit stayed on the course and ran a solid race for his first time out at Bear Creek. Mouse Trap chose to pop his race cherry (he’s never even run a 5k) with a difficult 10 mile trail race. TYA was his steady self and Bootleg ran a solid race. Once the sun got up things warmed up and conditions were perfect.

Cookout after was great as we scored the back porch of the main building. Burgers, brews, and Brunswick stew perked this PAX up. No Lab Rat Bog this year. Drive back topics included diverse topics of self-driving cars, alternative lower half CPR, and low set vaginas.

Good time as always and great practice for spring trail races coming up.


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  1. If you haven’t done this race before think about doing it next year. Good time and easy trail race to get you hooked on the trails.

  2. I finished! My legs definitely hurt pretty bad. It was a fun experience! I’ll probably do it again next year but maybe a little better prepared!

  3. Laying out was a good call due to rough personal circumstances, but I still hate missing this one. Well done to those doing the bonus milage!