Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Threats of Tire Slashing


4 SOJ Warriors were already underway as YHC arrived a little late thanks to a slight delay due to last night’s Hatch green chili dinner. Time to fall in line…


Nancy Lopez’s COP: SSH, DQs, Jazzercize, Cherry Pickers, Arm Circles, Windmills, Hillbillies, Merkins, LBCs

Hot Potato passed to YHC

Mosey around parking lot to base of hill

DK’s Jackob’s Ladder: Bear Crawl up hill, 1 burpee at top, run down, 2 burpees at bottom. Repeat-o, increasing burps by 1 until the PAX reaches 6. Al Gore. Rinse & Repeat, descending burps from 6 to 1….this time only do burps at the top of the Hill

Mosey to stop sign

DK’s 11s: Monkey Humpers & Box Cutters at the first set of light posts up the Hill and to the East.

Hot Potato passed to Pot of Gold

Mosey to hill again

POG’s sets of 3: 3 Ball Dippers at the first lamp post, run to next, increase by 3 each time up to 12 posts or 36 ball dippers. Audible called at 24, Nancy Lopez threatened to slash tires if more bear crawls are called, ascending burpees at each lamp post instead.

Mosey to stop sign then back to big hill again. Turn around to use smaller hill

POG’s Merkin around the Clock: Bear Crawl up, 10 merks, rotate 90 degrees, 10 more, repeat-o until 40 merks completed. Mosey to stop sign and back. Rinse & Repeat – 8 merks, then 6 merks

Mosey to dumpster wall

POG’s Donkey Kick line of Fire: PAX holds balls to wall, while man on end performs 10 donkey kicks. Pass it down the line.

Mosey back to VSF

COT – PeeDee took us out

Naked Moleskin

YHC looked around the COT and realized that the PAX was relatively new to F3. When asked, they all confirmed they had only been posting for less than a year. Yet, there they were…a PAX of 4…leading the workout as a Hot Potato Q. This is the reason YHC loves F3: no matter who shows, someone steps up to lead. Awesome stuff.


P.O.G. announced his plan to attend a workout every weekday until Christmas! On that note, his VQ is this coming Wednesday at SOT.

HDHH this coming Wednesday at O’Tooles Midlothian.


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  1. Great hot potato by all. Thanks for the F3 background DK, good to hear the history and glad to be part of it. Surely my threats of tire slashing were a joke, we will see tomorrow in POG’s driveway.