Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Rocks and Rain


It was a usual Batteau hot potato, with some unusual rain. Swirley started us out with side straddle hops and a host of other not on the ground warm-up exercises. Swirley then rolled us into 3x run up hill with 10x derkins and 10x dips in between each hill run.

Hand off to Bleeder who took us up to the top of Forest Hill Park for 5x run with progressive WW2’s. Run to light pole 1 come back and do 10 WW2’s (shielded from the rain in the pavilion). Then run to the next light pole come back and do 20 WW2’s, and so on until you get to 50 WW2’s.

Handed it off to Sippy and we headed down to pick up some rocks. Moseyed 4x rocks over to the courts and did 3x rounds. Time ran around the courts always facing one direction. Other three did some form of rock exercise. First one was one hand on rock push-ups alternating hands, second was sumo squats with rock, third was one hand in the air alternating on the rock.

Sippy handed it off to YHC and finished out with a slow walk back with the rocks in hand to drop them off. Stopping intermittently with rocks and alternating between deep squat, mid squat, and back up again. Dropped off rocks and moseyed back to the flag in time for names, numbers, and announcements.

The rain stopped towards the end of the workout.


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