Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fingers Crossed


Ten plump turkeys strutted their way over to the parking lot for this week’s iteration of Hoedown. Nary a mention of the Redskins today so off we mosey’d to the front of the school, passing the neon ladies, for something that went like this.

High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
Speed Skaters x10
Don Quixotes x10
Flutter Kicks x20
Mountain Climbers x10
HRMs x10

The Thang
Mosey back over to the blacktop for Lindsays. Squats and straight up merkins. Run the distance of the blacktop between sets.

Scurry over to Linsday Ct for repeating iterations of catch me if you can. Partner up with one partner doing 5x burpees while the other Bernie Sanders up the hill. Burpee-er catches Bernie by running forwards then switch. Recover back down the hill and repeat 2x with WWIIs and Jump Squats.

Meander through the darkness towards West Drive Circle, stopping at the circle. Since we lost Toto we could safely complete a triple check. LT Dans and WWIIs while the third runs the loop.

Dosey Do back to the AO proper, stopping at each mailbox and performing 5 merkins. We completed 0 merkins.

Audible and ramble down Hepler, stopping at each lamp post or house light and perform 5 merkins. Collect the PAX at the bottom and then run back to the VSF.

Sequentially declare our position, state names, announcements, random thoughts by Offshore and then YHC took us out.

Great job by the PAX this morning, enduring another Splinter workout with no theme nor reason for leading.

YHC forgot that Westham doesn’t have mailboxes (at least none at the street) but a SNAFU was avoided by modifying to lamp posts.

Mumblechatter was minimal this morning. Everyone appears to be ready for the week of giving thanks for all that we have.


  • Celebration of gathering at Berkeley plantation is at 6am on Thursday morning at Mary. 1 hour special.
  • Black Friday CSAUP 7am Forest Hill Park

Splinter out.



  1. Way to keep us moving Splinter. I shudder to think what the poor Grad students at VCU who have Offshore as their thesis advisor have to deal with..

  2. Great Q, Splinter. My hip didn’t like it, but as Offshore says, we’re all really taking life one day at a time. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

  3. In my defense…. I have no defense. To my 615am brain, it sounded like just another F3 challenge. Yes, woe be to my students!