Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Great 8 @ WDOG


We had 8 warriors show up for a hump day morning workout and here is what went down:


We moseyed to Amphitheater to start our warm ups with 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 15 arm circles 10 small 5 big (I mistakenly called out Helicopters and quickly understood the confused looks) so we did reverso 10 small 5 big, then 10 Helicopters(for real this time), 20 Freddie Mercuries and 20 merkins.


We moseyed to the Triangle at the crop circle divided into 2 groups of 4. 1st pair ran down to the corner and ran back. The other pair did PLT’s (partner leg tosses) and switched when then 1st pair reached the bottom of hill and then became the running pair when first pair arrived at the top of the hill while the first pair did PLT’s. We repeated this 3 times. Al Gore for the 6.

Moseyed to Field in front of the war memorial. 4 corner escalator (non stacking) 1st corner 10 squats, 2nd corner 20 merkins, 3rd corner 30 LBC’s and 4th corner 40 Monkey humpers. We returned back to start in decreasing fashion with 30 LBC’s, 20 merkins and 10 squats. Al Gore for the 6.

Moseyed to the cage and partnered up. Partner 1 ran to hydrant and back while partner 2 did 5 pullups, 10 merkins and 15 squats . We did 5 repeats of this effort.

Moseyed back to flag for MOM where each person picked a style of merkin for 5 reps for the circle to perform.

FYI– 631 active and 740 total calories for today’s workout we did (20+20+20+25+40=125 merkins this morning)

Numberama, Namerama YHC took us out.

Gentlemen, always an honor to lead and I look forward to seeing you in the gloom!…Cheers, CB


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