Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Four assembled for this evening’s Punisher. Mosey to the western side of the school for the startup Quadrilateral of Pain with Mountain Climbers, Rosalitas, Suzanne Somers(es), and Don Quixotes (no SSHs and no Arm Circles).

Short mosey near the outdoor classroom for Progressive Alphabet. On our backs, we trace the letter A with our feet then hop up and jog to the edge of the garden (about 25 yards) and back. On our backs again for A and B, then run. And so on until A through Z completed.

Stroll to the edge of the school’s driveway. Complete 10 Merkins at the streetlight, jog as a group to the next streetlight heading north up Hermitage Road and complete 10 more Merkins. Continue north on Hermitage to Claremont, cross Hermitage, and head south, completing 10 Merkins at each light. Stopped at 20 lights total.

Mosey back across Hermitage to the side of the school for Squat Ring of Fire. One guy holds a low Squat while the others, in Al Gore position, count down from 30. Make one round then return to the parking lot for the Square of Trust and YHC took us out. Thanks Lockjaw for the backblast title.


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  1. It was David Duchovny in character as Jeff Goldblum who said “Aha, aha, the letter 2, the letter 2… I can’t read or write.”

  2. What BB title? Still Punisher BB up before the weekend is nice, don’t set the bar too high CB! Was fun playing in the rain, until the 180 merkins in 5 minutes.