Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sippy’s Stolen Route


Fourteen fleet a foot plus one on two wheels and birkenstocks huddled and waiting for rain that never happened. After some finger pointing as to who had the Q, YHC proclaimed he grabbed it last night. Routes were as follows and then a prompt 0530 departure courtesy of TYA.

Meander through campus towards the River Road exit, crossing through the shopping center and across the bridge. 4 milers complete the cloverleaf and then return. 5 and 6 milers go downriver (east). 5s take the first right onto Oxford and then another RIGHT onto Arrowhead. Continue up to Cherokee and return via the same path. 6s continue on Riverside then right onto Rockfalls followed by a slight left onto Hill Rd. Continue to the top near Lewis and return the same way.

Numbers, names, 2 announcements from TYA + 1 proxy announcement from TYA before YHC took us out.

Wonderful morning for a run, with fall temperatures sticking with us long enough to get a run in. Energy level was high and the 6 milers shot out like a gaggle of geese during hunting season. Great work to all.

Sippy disclosed post run that he was planning a route across the bridge and through Oxford but YHC beat him to it. Apologies but there are plenty of opportunities coming up to do a little exploration.


  • It’s Saab’s birthday and he’s celebrating in his favorite place on earth (Vegas)
  • Black Friday loops in Forest Hill Park. 7am start. See TYA for deets.
  • Lug is going to crush the half marathon this weekend. Give him some kudos when you see him

Always fun guys. See you soon.

Splinter out.



  1. FYI – looks like Lockjaw screwed the pooch and didn’t post a BB from last week. Say it ain’t so!