Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

5 guys–interesting circuit experiments


5 PAX gathered for a crisp fall Hot Potato workout.

R1. Swirly leading COP–SSH, DQ, Scorpion kicks, Scorpion kicks on back, Flutter kicks Merkins

R2. Swirly leading. A circuit of Running the big loop (2x, the timer), Step ups, Abyss Merkins and Dips

R3. Face plant leading. Mosey to bowl for 15 x Derkins, then head to the bottom of the hill for a WW2, Burpee Hill run. 20x WWII, run up hill to first light pole 3 Burpees, 15x WWIIs, run up hill to 2nd light pole, 6 burpees. Continue to 4th light pole adding 3 burpees and subtracting 4 WWIIs each time.

R4. Sippy Leading. Mosey to Rock pile for a circuit of: plank with rock on back, crossover merkins, plank with rock on back, cros over merkins, carry rock up and down steps (the timer). Done 2x. Then mosey to playground for AMRAP pullups in ~ 1 min.

Sippy took us out.

Moleskin. The hot potato Q lives on at Batteau, and it is fun to see all of the experimental workout ideas. Doing a circuit with 5 guys is a bit tricky, but we managed to pull it off a couple of ways today. The Abyss Merkins were new to YHC–they are done with hands and toes on adjacent picnic benches and really get the full range of motion. Face Plant gave his usual dose of solid cardio, and YHC’s rock rotation was an interesting experiment with a fair bit of groaning. Solid work gents, and a beautiful morning for it.


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