Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What was that? A spicy biscuit (VQ energy=running)


11 warriors of the gloom showed up for YHC’s VQ. Tclaps to Gumbo for extra credit laps before the workout. Yesterday was 9 year anniversary for YHC and M. So you may see a theme.


Long mosey to bus lot for:

  • 9 Abe Vigoda
  • 9 Windmills
  • 9 Jazzercise
  • 9 Imperial Walkers
  • 9 Russian Soldiers
  • 9 Cherry Pickets
  • 9 Freddy Mercury
  • 9 Heels to heaven

The Thang

Partner carry/booyah Merkins light pole alley/ladder. Several PAX said they didn’t hear correctly when YHC called it out. YHC has same reaction this exercise was done at another AO. Followed by mosey to track for ascending 4 corners on track, starting with 1 each: wide grip merkin, WW2, merkin, box cutter. 2nd lap 2 of each etc up to 9. Mosey BTTF for merkin ring of fire.

Announcements, numberama, YHC ended with COT.

YHC is thankful for 9 years of marriage to awesome M, and for being a part of this great group of guys. Tclaps to Marmaduke for the name Boberry , Bullseye for YHC first set of workout gloves, Hemes for checking on YHC, Rosie for not leaving the 6 lost in the dark at River Run, and to all for welcoming YHC to this organization that has changed YHC and many others lives for the better.


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F3RVA member since 9/26/19. Came to fIrst beatdown OYO, Q'd by Marmaduke. Welcomed by Hermes, Rosie, Honeymoon, Cerrano, Bullseye, Nancy Lopez, Lugnut, Punxsutawney. Proud to be part of the fine group of men that is F3RVA. Husband, Father, member of the community.


  1. Great VQ Boberry…welcome to the rotation. Great to have you in the PAX.

    Glad I did my 2.5 miles early and without all the pain stops. That was like 4 corners on steroids. Sorry I had to leave early – well, not sorry really.

    Well done gents.

  2. Welcome to the Q sheet Boberry, it’s great to have new faces take the lead. That was a beast of a 4 corners. Looking forward to more of that.
    Gumbo, you know I’m always up for extra credit, or at least the chance to say no.

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