Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Spooky Southside


9 strong gathered at the Forge for a what may be one of the last warm mornings for a while. All treats, no tricks today. A Nationals pennant, no bench kicks, 5 waterfalls instead of 8, a solid PAX to welcome a west end regular… the list could go on. Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to the upper lot for a warmup: 20 x SSH, 10 x HC, 10 x DQ, 10 x Merkins, 15 x LBC.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill near the bleachers to start our excursion with a round of 11’s. Jump squats at the bottom of the berm, crawl bear up to WWII’s, then bear crawl down. Plank for the six.

Mosey up to the school for a triple check. Timer runs to the base of the inclined ramp and Bernie back up to the top. Plank jacks and American hammers round out the triple. Al Gore for the six.

Mosey to the base of the parking lot for a tricep waterfall. PAX members SSH at bottom while two at a time PAX members set off for 8x dips at each concrete barrier. MH’s at the top until the six arrives. Head back down the waterfall with another 8x dips each level, PAX starts with Freddie Mercuries and ends with flutter kicks in cadence.

Mosey to the next parking level for a quick round of 10 x jerkins each, then bear crawl across the pavement to 20 x PLT’s. Head back to the flag and wrap up with a value add of 5 x burpees OYO.

Numbers, names, announcements & YHC took us out

Announcements: Midnight deadline tonight for Stache for Cash – see details in other posts.

Moleskin: It was a treat to lead a great group at a new venue for YHC this morning. Strong showing by all, including Cooper Try Hard (respect!). YHC didn’t realize there are two waterfall opportunities at the Forge and had planned on the 8 barrier version… PAX got off easy. Next time we’ll bring the full waterfall and throw in some Tuckahoe classics like over/under walkway climbs, bench kicks and Heartbreak ridge repeats. Until then – GP


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  1. Great job GP. I was done after the 11s.

    Awesome having Cooper out. He was the only one who could keep up with Fresh Prince.

  2. Nice Q GP! Thinking that was the first time I’ve done a crawl bear up a hill…brutal. Nice having you SOJ this morning!

    Cooper is a great addition to the PAX…he deserves big data credit.

  3. Great Q, GP! The pax definitely didn’t get off easy…I was spent! Thanks for making the trek over to the Southside.

    Have a great eve, Gents!