Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Mini horseshoe


7 lucky guys showed up for an alternative spin on the Lucky horseshoe

COP — helicopters, IJR, DQ, Imperial Walkers, Tempo Merkins, Crabcakes, Regular Merkins

The Mini Lucky horseshoe

20 of each of the following…

Lap 1 – Squats

Lap 2 – Squats, american hammers

Lap 3 – squats, american hammers, dips

Lap 4 – squats, american hammers, dips, WW2 Situps

Lap 5 – squats, american hammers, dips, ww2s, donkey kicks

Lap 6 – american hammers, dips, ww2, donkey kicks

Lap 7 – dips, ww2’s, donkey kicks

Lap 8 – ww2’s, donkey kicks

Lap 9 – donkey kicks

Lap 10 – Victory Lap

Run back to the flag with a wee bit of lunging and a ring of fire merkin style plus a few flutterkicks

NMS — the PAX finished the whole thing today, mostly bc the run was a bus loop run and not a track run. Sometimes it just feels good to finish! If this had happened on the track we could not have done the donkey kicks at the end. Next time we will try it on the track and see how everyone fares.



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