Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Where’d he go


05:29:30 and no one has called out a route yet so YHC stepped up and called it. Up Twin Team, right on Brigstock, out 23, back 22. Running as a pack up Twin Team everyone fell into their pace at the top. Gumbo had to cut out early. OC decided to go rogue and make the full loop coming down Winterfield to Robious for just under 6 miles. As he pulled away on his own he mentioned it to a couple people but no one was exactly sure where he went, we had to circle up without him but he made it back before we left the AO.

Tclaps to Lug for crushing a 10 miler this weekend. Hammers and Ales was a success. Only a couple more days to donate to Gumbo and Vinny to get them to wear a stache for a month+.


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  1. Good running with Lug and OC while it lasted. OC is adding up the miles. Well done brother.

    The solo run back to the AO was not as good without the company and without Flatline’s green armband light to track ahead of me.

    Let’s hit that $3,000 number and get some staches going. https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/Raise_Donations/f3

    Have a great day men.