Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Misty Westham


Fifteen intrepid nincompoops met at the commons today for another set of seventeen turns to complete a Spider Run. Someone stole the last parking spot by the lake which resulted in YHC driving in circles today. PSA – you must arrive early to Spider Run to get a prime spot.

Regardless, we did a big loop today. 6 mile loop is above with 5 miles coming back on Lakewood and right on Westham. 4 milers stayed on Westham the entire jaunt south.

No one was lost. Bleeder actually knew which direction he was heading and the 6 milers were “late” by 15 seconds back to the VSF.

Lots of random runners out there but no Keymaster sighting.

Prayers go out to Marv and his family. The PAX is all thinking about you.



  1. Great weather this morning. Thanks for the conversation to the guys I ran with, some longer than others- TYA, Circle K, Bootleg, and Greenbow.

    So sorry to hear about Marv’s mom. I’m praying for your family Marv.

  2. Apologies for the tardiness by misleading the 6rs and adding a bit on near the end.

    (BB title sounds like a character from an old film I once had on VHS. )