Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I can’t lift my pen


7 wild hungry creatures of the gloom came out to take on another insane kettlebell workout that challenged both body and soul> Here is what transpired…

2 laps of carry and one hand pump
kb windmills
kb bunyans
overhead squat — one hand — look at hand
renegade rows
figure 8’s
pistol squats

bob and weave, kb swings
sit up press, demon crushers
halos, snatches

20 squats, walk half loop, 15 squat with press, walk half loop, 10 squat with press and tricep press

triple check
donkey kicks, kb thrusters, pump and carry across to the second sidewalk

finish with some boat canoes.

Names, Numbers, Announcements

NMS — Great to be back at Manndate. Kettlebell is such a great workout. YHC knew he was on the right track when someone said at the end of the workout that they wouldn’t be able to lift their pen or move their mouse. That is a good beatdown with a bunch of awesome guys.

Announcements — Prayers for Carpenter and his back issues.
Mr Holland has poker night this Saturday at 8 PM. Would love to see some F3 people show up for some fun!


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