Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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9 glorious men headed out to the pre-rain festivities at W-dog. This workout is in honor of my 16th anniversary which happens to be the 12th birthday of one of my daughters (Olivia).

The workout went like this:

COP: 16 side straddle hops, 12 don quixotes, 16 Freddie Mercuries, 12 burpees OYO

Mosey to the amphitheater.

First Exercise: Start with 1 derkin and 2 dips on the first step, box jump to the next step, go to 2 derkins and 4 dips. After realizing that I underestimated the # of steps I called an audible after I was on step 14. That comes out to 105 derkins and 210 dips, not too shabby. I was reminded that there are and always have been 18 steps. Well now I know.

Second Exercise: Mosey to the Pumphouse area and try to avoid potholes. Modified dolly: 120 2 count mountain climbers, 160 plank jacks, and 240 2 count flutter kicks. Other partner is doing Bernie Sanders up the road and running back.

Third Exercise: Long mosey up the Pumphouse road to the big triangle. Commence a very long bear crawl up the road and end with 16 WWIIs.

Mosey to the meeting point and do a merkin ring of fire. Most of the pax had special merkins, some of which worked well (e.g. Sippy alternating raised leg merkins) and some which did not (Bodos trying to flip in the air spin like on the Matrix but falling well short of a 360).

We closed with announcements (Poker night on 10/21 at the Commonwealth club for a good cause – see Greenbow for details).

Prayers are for Marv’s mom, praise for Helix’s daughter’s recovery and for my daughter undergoing an MRI test on her brain this Saturday.

Make today a great one.

Fireman Ed (fan of the one win Jets, Sam Darnold is the man)


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  1. Thanks. I forgot to welcome Cankles from Raleigh. He did a rather impressive Bernie Sanders near the Pump house. I am happy to lead!