Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Toll: Where Men Are Left Behind


The wet fields of No Toll were calling this chilly morning and a PAX of 20 answered that call. 5:29:30 and we’re off…here’s what went down.

Mosey to front field.


SSH, Russian Soldiers, Helicopters, DQs, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Merkins

Five Corners:

At corner 1 of the field, 5 burpees.

Run to corner 2, perform 15 hand release merkins, run back to corner 1 for 5 burpees.

Run to corner 2, 15 hand release merkins, run to corner 3, 25 WWIIs, back to corner 2 for 15 HRMs, back to corner 1 for 5 burpees.

Run to corner 2, 15 HRMs, corner 3, 25 WWIIs, corner 4, 35 2-count mountain climbers, back to corner 3, 25 WWIIs, corner 2, 15 HRMs, corner 1, 5 burpees.

Run to corner 2, 15 HRMs, corner 3, 25 WWIIs, corner 4, 35 2-count mountain climbers, corner 5 (also known as corner 1) 45 jump squats, back to corner 4, 35 mountain climbers, corner 3, 25 WWIIs, corner 2, 15 HRMs, corner 1, 5 burpees.

Al Gore and repeat the last round with the six.

Cross the Field:

Line up on the far end of the field. Bear crawl to the 25, broad jump to the 50, crab walk to the 75, run to the end. Bear crawl back for the six.

Finish up with an indigenous people’s run around the entire AO. Back to the flag.

Numbers, Names, Announcements, YHC took us out.


YHC knows that his watch runs about 30 seconds fast. Taking a cue from OC’s recent Q’s, YHC decided to just get things rolling when the watch hit 5:30. There was a slight uproar but the PAX settled down (a little) during the mosey to the field. Also taking cue’s from OC, YHC’s cadence was a little off during COP….next time, YHC will take cues from Fresh Prince and just forget the cadence completely.

The five corners took up more time than YHC planned…but it also looked less brutal in YHC’s mind. Fresh Prince (in true Fresh Prince style) took off faster than a cheetah and never looked back….he crushed it with Flange, Rosie, and Bullseye hot on his tail.

Crossing the field via bear crawl, broad jump, and crab walk took only a couple minutes and YHC called for a second crossing. But Gumbo managed to talk YHC into just bear crawling back for the six. More mumblechatter followed…YHC admits, he succumbs easily to peer pressure. Attempting to save face, an indigenous people’s run back to the flag was called. All seemed well….

Numbers were called…19. This didn’t feel right…could have sworn there were 20 of us. Oh well. Names were called and just when YHC asked about announcements, one of the PAX says “Hey, wasn’t Bone Thug here today?” His vehicle was still parked. Is he on the can? Several PAX head back toward the fields and find Bone Thug still making his way to the flag after the indigenous people run. Whoops…guess we do leave men behind after all. Apologies to Bone Thug. YHC got swept up in all the mumblechatter this morning.

Gentlemen, always a pleasure. Peace!


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  1. Great Q Tobit. It looked ominous when u called out the 5 corners and the repeato on return hurt but better for having been there.

  2. Oh, the 5 corners hurt so good…the HRM corner in particular was a beast today. The mumblechatter was in overdrive this morning. It was glorious. Welcome to Wet NoToll Tuesdays!

    BTW – Lone Wolf and Sonic – don’t layer up to fast or else you will need to be bundled up like the kid in A Christmas Story when Winter really arrives. Shock the body and let it respond…grows hair – well, not on your head.

    Here is the link to donating cash for Raise (nonprofit run by LabRat’s M that is doing great things)…https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/Raise_Donations/f3

  3. Way to bring it, Tobit. There are no flawless Q’s, only how well you improvise…you done good!

    Have a great eve, gents!