Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You’re Really Focused on Murder


14 sets of shoes, 1 set of paws, and 3 sets of wheels pounded the (somewhat less) pot holed City of Richmond pavement on a picture perfect morning around the friendly confines of MMES. For the 260th consecutive Friday, temps were sunny and 70.

Routes…all runners, east on Grove.

4 miler, right on Shields, then…

5 milers, right on Vine, then…

6 milers, right on Laurel, then right on Park, then…

All runners turn right on Floyd, then right on Nansemond, then left on Grove, and BTTF.


Beer Mile for Shawn G. Hogan, this evening, Dogwood Dell. Come drink 4 beers over 4 laps with Handshake, Faceplant, and Friends (and learn the answer to Greenbow’s philosophical query, “What beverage should I chug that would be as bad as beer?”

Don’t want to drink and run? No worries. Arrive early, scour the bushes, and snag a 6 pack of beer, which will be warming all day.


Great morning for a run. Faceplant and Sippy launched fast out of the blocks, so fast that Sippy apparently combusted somewhere along the route. Handshake set a solid pace for the 4 and 5 milers. Good chatter with Handshake and Greenbow before the latter, Bodo’s, and Bodo’s garbage-ravaging canine split off for the 4 route.

Swiper shared his advice on good spots to hike in Colorado, including one route that had the unfortunate side effect of triggering fear among his youngest that Swiper was trying to murder the young man. YHC is reasonably sure his own parents tried to murder YHC using the same method, an experience so jarring that YHC in turn has attempted to do the same to his own children. Remember, fellas: it’s push yourself, don’t hurt yourself. And, push your 2.0s until they drop.


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