Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who’s faster…Opi or F.Prince!?


10 gloom warriors and 1 gloom dog joined DTH for today’s Forge Fiesta. YHC had a couple ideas in mind, but for the first time ever, hadn’t planned today’s routine to the letter – so here’s how we fudged our way into greatness:


Mosey to Culdesac for COP #1:

  • x10 In Cadence of each: DQ’s, ImpSquatW’s, CrabCakes, Mtn Climbers, NoCheat Merkins, Starfish Crunches, …and maybe 1 or 2 others

Mosey to top of handicap rails for COP #2:

  • 10min AMRAP Circuit: Jerkins, Dips, & DonkeyKicks (YHC completed 10 rounds)

Mosey to base of parking lots for COP #3:

  • TIME for Mount Chaplain: 
  • Run bottom to top, stopping at each of four pavement tiers to complete x10 reps, then Clock of Mary completed at the top (x3 reps with feet at each o’clock = x36 reps total), then run back down completing x10 reps at each tier, with front runner leading Mary waiting for the SIX
  • x3 Rounds completed
  • Round 1: Plank Jacks going up, Clock of WWII’s, Squats coming back down
  • Round 2: Merkins going up, Clock of Heels2Heaven, Groiners coming down
  • Round 3: HDolly’s going up, Clock of AmHam’s, Recover BTTF

Mosey BTTF:

  • Two minutes of choose-your-own Mary …Doesn’t matter what you choose, but you can’t just sit there!


  • Counterama #11 + Pup
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • “Opi” (DTH’s 4-legged friend, actual name Cooper) jumped and sprinted around a particularly quiet PAX as we moseyed down to the first COP. YHC called the 10 count reps with today’s date in mind, and simply progressed the routine from upright down to supine. Felt natural. The PAX started to warm into mumble chatter for the 10 minute circuit. Always amazes YHC how many reps of something particularly noxious (like Jerkins) you can get through when it’s broken up with other stuff. The return to Mount Chaplain was a great way to spend a fair chunk of time, and thanks to Wedding Singer and Tobit for some exercise suggestions in the last round. And of course thanks to Fresh Prince who remains our ever present rabbit. There really isn’t any better way we could possibly choose to start the day. YHC extends heartfelt thanks to these brothers for your loyalty and support! 

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Inducted into F3 at NoToll 9/25/18 (Ollivander's VQ). [Back Story: VMI Class of 2005, Grad work at UVA, Med School at PCOM in Philly, Pediatric Residency at VCU, Served medical missions x1 year in Papua New Guinea, Settled in Bon Air with hot wife and 2 terrific kids. Work at PAHP (Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners) and serve at Crossover Clinic. Attend WEAG (West End Assembly of God) - serve on leadership teams for Small Group and Marriage ministries. Serve abroad annually on medical mission trips. Love to hunt and fish at my parent's farm in Lexington VA. Enjoy a monthly Texas Hold'em night with the guys. Build furniture and landscape for fun.]


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