Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

How do you spell KETO


A lucky 7 showed up to the Anvil for the Thursday morning grind. YHC looked at the Q sheet late last night, saw it was open and not wanting a Hot Potato decided to take on the Anvil and here is what went down.


Short Mosey to asphalt top next to track and circled up for 20 SSH, 10 DQ, 10arm circles small 5 big, reverso 10 small 5 big, 10 helicopters, 20 LBC’s


Mosey to the Chamber for a triple check as a group of 4 and 3 where 1 pair or partner 1 ran around trailer, partner 2 performed Merkins, partner 3 dips on the bench. rotate and did the cycles of this work out routine.

Mosey to hill on West side of school and did the Jacobs ladder with 1 donkey kick run up to top of hill and 10 WW2 sit ups, back down hill 2 DK’s and back to top of hill 9 WW2 sit ups, continued until there were 10 DK’s and 1 WW2 sit ups. Team did invisible chair until 6 was caught up.

We then did BTW and Chicken peckers and started on one end and stayed in BTW position while Pax performed 10 CP’s(5 each shoulder) and returned to BTW position.

Switched back to invisible chair and starting at one end the last bear pax member, bear crawled to the front and assumed chair position, then next person bear crawled to the front and we repeated until each PAX member performed 4 rotations.

Mosey to jungle gym next to Track to performed 6 pack but 1 direction 1 pull-up then 5 burpees, 2 pull-ups 4 burpees to where you complete 5 pull ups and 1 burpee.

Mosey to flag for Mary where Chewy led Boat – Canoe until 6:15.

Numberama, Namerama.

We discussed an upcoming 5K where Spit and Bulkhead are planning to run the 5k Here is the link: https://runsignup.com/Race/VA/Richmond/CapTrail10Miler5K

Also talked about the Tough Mudder and need to discuss more on where and when.

Mudface took us out in Prayer as it was an honor to lead the gents today.



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